Piscine Global: the outcome

blue by Riiot caused a sensation at the exhibition and attracted hundreds of visitors. These are excellent news for bathers for the 2017 season, with the arrival of connected and intelligent swimming pools!

The solution’s simplicity – no installation is needed – seduced the pools professionals. In less than two days, our sales forecasts for the entire exhibition had already exploded. We built contacts with networks, manufacturers and pools installers all around from Europe, as well as from the United States and the Persian Gulf.

The pools professionals were also seduced by the diversity of information and interactions that this mass of technology offers to their clients. Indeed, blue communicates 24/7 the data that provide a way to anticipate the problems linked to the water quality for the supplier’s maximum comfort as well as the owner’s.

Riiot Labs’ founders, Benjamin Stévens and Julien Delarbre, are thrilled with this successful launch that holds great promise for the future. “Our stand is never empty. With only six of us, we are not able to satisfy all solicitations. This is the confirmation that our solution, simple and sophisticated, meets a real need.”, says Benjamin.

We are very happy with the exhibition’s outcome and we wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm for our product, we could have not done it without you.

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