Frequently Asked Questions

1 How does
blue work ?

blue and its sensor are continuously measuring the key parameters of your swimming pool. These data are automatically sent by blue and analysed by RiiOT Labs’ algorithms. The results of these analyses are then communicated to you via the Blue smartphone app or through notifications to people whote take care of your pool.

2 For how long is
blue guaranteed ?

blue has a two-years guarantee 

3 What is included
in blue price ?

The price includes blue by Riiot, the 4-in-1 sensor, the storage base, the app, the notification service, batteries & communications costs.

4 Which smartphones
work with blue ?

The blue app works on Android and Apple iOS compatible phones and tablets.

5 Can I have multiple users connected
to one blue ?

Yes, you can.

6 What does blue
measure ?

Temperature (°C,°F), pH, ORP/Redox (active chlorine measurement), conductivity (total dissolved solids TDS & salinity measurement). The blue appclearly indicates your water quality. In addition to these measurements, blue algorithms collect local weather forecast information to better advise you. 

7 Does blue work in automated pools (pH regulator, salt electrolysis, chlorine injections, ...)

Yes, it does. blue allows you to check that there is no malfunction (chlorine overdose, unstable pH, ...) of your automated water management system and notifies you if any. Do no forget that your water quality may vary from one location to another according to your configuration.

8 Do the probes have to be calibrated?

Probes should be calibrated one to two times per seasons. The blue by Riiot application warns you when a calibration is required and allows you to perform the calibration via Bluetooth. The process is very easy and only lasts a few minutes.

9 Does blue work in chlorine, saline or bromine pools ?

Yes, it does. blue incorporates an ORP sensor that allows to know the degree of disinfection of your pool water, regardless of the system used.

10 Will it work in my
hot tub/jaccuzi ?

Yes, it will. Please contact us to check compatibility. 

11 What is the lifetime of
the blue sensor ?

The sensor lifetime under normal conditions of use is two seasons.

12 What is the lifetime
of the batteries ?

blue is very energy efficient and comes a battery located next to the sensor. This way, you do not have to worry about blue’s battery, which will last much longer than two summer seasons.

13 Why isn’t blue equipped
with a solar panel ?

Our main goal was for blue to operate in all types of pools. By minimizing the energy consumption of the device rather than equipping it with a solar panel, blue can be used in indoor swimming pools, but it can also be hidden in the cover container, for example.

14 What shall I do if the blue sensor
stop working ?

You can make a diagnosis of the sensor via the blue app. Depending on the outcome, it may be necessary to recalibrate the sensor. If the sensor is defective or at the end of its life, you can change it by contacting your blue provider.

15 Can I leave blue and the
sensor out of the water ?

To ensure a maximum longevity, the blue sensor must remain as much as possible in a humid environment. If you must take blue out of the water during a few hours, it is highly advisable to place blue in its storage cap and with an adequate solution. If you forget to place it back in the pool, blue will warn you that it must return to a moist environment via a notification.

16 Is blue dangerous for
my children ?

blue is not a toy and should not be given to a child under 10 years. However, it is not dangerous to swim nearby as it does not contain any toxic components and does not use any chemical reagent. In addition, it is equipped with leakproof batteries. However, the blue sensor is fragile and can be damaged if subjected to shocks. Please note that the guarantee does not cover a physically damaged sensor.

17 Is blue compatible with
shutter pool covers ?

blue is not able to communicate if completely submerged. If you own a shutter pool cover at water level, we recommend you to place blue in the cover container and to tie it with a cord.

18 Does blue also inject
chemicals ?

No, it doesn’t. blue measures the parameters of your swimming pools and helps you to keep them clean and ready to use. If you have an automated system, it warns you of potential anomalies. If you inject your products manually, blue guides you via its application to help you use the right product at the right time and with the right dose.

19 Can blue communicate with my other equipments (boilers, shutters, …) ?

blue is currently not integrated with pools’ equipments. However, pools's equipments compatible with IFTTT can be easily coupled with the blue by Riiot Application. However, feel free to contact us to describe your need and help us to improve blue.